What is a Domain Name?

The advent of the internet brought several changes in the human beings’ lifestyle and to the society in general. And today, here comes the “domain name” as part of its system. However, despite the fact that many of the people are using the internet today for whatever purposes, the term “domain name” is not that well-understood. Many were using the internet, joining any sites on the web, but it turns out that they are not aware of the nature of the domain name. So what then is domain name?

Generally, when we say “domain name”, we are basically referring to a distinct or unique name that recognizes a site on the web. It is then considered to be a portion of the URL or address of a web site. This particular thing has simply two major components, and these components are typically separated by a dot.

For a concrete view of the nature of a domain name, it is then much better to show an example of this thing. So, one of the common and widely identified domain names on the web is www.google.com. I am sure that you are all familiar with Google, so it is then very interesting for you to know that the first part of the domain name which is the www actually stands for the host server, that is the World Wide Web where in the site is found. The second part then which is the google identifies the company or the organization name. And finally, the last part which is the .com then mirrors the type of organization. Generally, this is known as the “top-level domain name”.

Speaking of the “top-level domain name”, it is very nice to know that some of the common top-level domain names used in the internet comprise the .gov which stands for government agency, .org for an organization, .edu for education institution, and .net for a network.

Many domain name experts have considered that one of the best and simple trick for locating companies and organizations on the internet is definitely to enter the name with the appropriate top-level domain name. So, if the top-level domain name of a site is .gov or .org, then you should be aware of that, for you to find the exact location of the site that you are looking for. So, for example, you want to locate the exact site for Passion Up, so then just enter it with the correct domain name which is www.passionup.com, or if you want to go for the FBI’s web site, and then be aware that the domain name for them is www.fbi.gov. An exact and concrete awareness of the domain name is the best key for finding the desired site. Remember that!

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