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Pretty Maids – Little Drops Of Heaven (lyrics and video)

Little Drops Of Heaven
I was blinded by the darkness
wishing for a ray of light
and every day I felt so heartless
with the future not insight
You crossed my path when I was down
you brought me back on solid ground
you gave me strength you changed my luck
my only friend when times were though
Little drops of heaven
my saving grace, […]

Free Me – McVicar – Roger Daltrey (The Who)

Free me
Can’t you hear that’s what I say
Free me
Anyhow or anyway
I hear a voice
Call in the night
Push on the brain
Fades with the light
And I’ve seen a face
With so many eyes
Out in the words
Know there lies
Can’t you hear me say
Can’t you hear me say
Can’t you hear me say
Free me, free me
Inside I’m bleeding, can’t you see
Free […]