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Why I love to use WordPress for Web Development and SEO

WordPress powers more than 23% of the web – a figure that rises every day. Everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites, and even applications, are built with WordPress.
WordPress combines simplicity for users and publishers with under-the-hood complexity for developers. This makes it flexible while still being easy-to-use.
The following is […]

Истинският мотив за напускане на една компания е само един – лош мениджмънт

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Hard Work Is not Enough to Survive
Служителите не сменят работата, а мениджмънта, коментира в блога си Алистър Лоу, специалист по маркетинг  и директор „Управление клиенти” във
„Не мога да работя с шефа си”
Алистър споделя разговор със свой познат, напуснал високоплатен пост в ИТ компания, за който много хора могат само да мечтаят. Питайки го защо […]

The top 25 sites in Bulgaria

Facebook 2. Google 3. NeoBux 4. YouTube 5. Google 6. 7. Zamunda.NET 9. Wikipedia 10. 11. 12. Yahoo! 14. 15. 16. 17. The Internet Movie Database 18. Авто Пазар 19. 20. LinkedIn 22. Бг-Мама 23. Дневник.bg 24. Twitter

Video monetization on Youtube

Here are some tips on how to be successful at making money on YouTube:

Create yourself: YouTube is a place where everyone has a voice and where everyone, whether a newbie videographer or a professional, can be successful. We encourage you to use your imagination to create something completely original. Examples of videos that have been […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and pricelist

Meta tags (Title, keyword, desc) 79 EUR SEO consultation – Phone/skype/ support 60 minutes 49 EUR Keywords optimization (Up to 30) 99 EUR Creation of robots.txt file 29 EUR Creation of Google sitemap.xml 69 EUR Setup of website sitemap 39 EUR Yahoo directory submission 299 EUR Website usability analysis 199 EUR Alternate text added to images 79 EUR Search engine submissions worldwide (200+) 149 EUR