Determining the Domain Name Value

Today, as the domain name industry continues to grow, you will definitely find several companies that are offering their domain name appraisal services to assess your domain name value. Some of those companies who wanted to assess your domain name value offer such service for free with the use of an automated “valuation wizard” approach, and others are offering it with charge for a more personalized valuation.

However, determining your domain name value will be made possible without those domain name appraisal services offered by some companies. How? It will be made possible if you know some guidelines for identifying a domain name value. So if you want to know what those guidelines are, here they are.

First things first, if you are serious for identifying your domain name value, you should be aware if whether you receive unsolicited offers to buy the domain name or not. According to some experts for determining a domain name value, if an instance happened that you get emailed offers to purchase the domain name without it being registered for sale anywhere in the world, that certainly shows that your domain name value is high or it has a certain value to somebody.

In determining your domain name value, it is also important that you are aware if the domain name is a .com domain. But what is the matter with a .com domain? It is considered that a .com domain name is still the king of the domain name hill. Unlike some other domain names, the .com domain will have five to ten times or maybe more the value of the same with any other top level domain name. It is in fact noted that those .com domain names really worth millions than nay other extension. So if you know that your domain name is .com, there is a great possibility that your domain name value is high.

Also considerable in determining the domain name value is the awareness of how long the domain name is. We all know that there are longer domain names today, so with that it is very necessary to note that the shorter the domain name, the higher the domain name value. However, in making a domain name shorter, it is just necessary that it is created clearly and nicely without those somewhat annoying styles like switching the characters.
It is important to know that a bad domain name is indeed worthless.

In relation, to that for you to determine your domain name value, you should then know if the domain name is spelled correctly or not. A misspelled domain name has a poor domain name value. Remember that! Also, knowing if the “thing” the domain name refers to is generally a singular or a plural “thing” will help you to determine your domain name value. According to some experts, this is one of the toughest domain name value factors that should be considered. For example, is much worthy than, or the domain name is most likely worth than

Outside from such considerations in determining the domain name value, there are still others that deserved to be considered. However, some of those are beyond the scope of this article. But at least, you are given some of the major and biggest considerations when it comes to determining the value of your domain name, so you have the guidelines to follow.

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