The Bulgarians saved EUROPE from islamization

Bulgarians saved EUROPE from islamization

Tervel – “The saviour of Europe”!

In 716 AD , the Bulgarians saved EUROPE from islamization. The Bulgarians under the command of Kanasubigi Tervel came forward at the gates of Constantinople to help the Byzantines against the muslim threat. In a crucial battle in 718 AD the Bulgarian cavalry defeated the Arabs.

“The Bulgarians assaulted the Arabs, slaying many of them… They were more afraid of the Bulgarians than of the Byzantines,” reads the account of an Arab chronicler of Kanas Tervel’s sweeping victory which left between 60 000 and 90 000 (by different sources) Arabs dead. This blow put an end to the muslim Arabs attempting to penetrate into the Old Continent through the Balkan Peninsula.

The western chronicians called Tervel “The saviour of Europe” !

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